A Crash of Rhinoceroses
A School of Fish
A Litter of Pups
A Flock of Sheep
A String of Ponies
A Covey of Partridges
A Pride of Lions
A Herd of Elephants
A Plague of Locust
A Colony of Ants 
A Covey of Quail
A Kindle of Kittens
A leap of Leopards 
A Pod of Seals 
A Sloth of Bears 
A Rafter of Turkeys 
A Pace of Assses 
A Walk of Snipe 
A Gam of Whales 
A Nest of Rabbits 
A Gang of Elk
A Fall of Woodcocks 
A Dule of Doves 
A Skulk of Foxes 
A Dissimulation of Birds 
A Spring of Teal 
A Peep of Chickens 
A Bevy of Roebucks 
A Business of Ferrets 
A Bale of turtles 
A Pitying of turtledoves 
A Drift of Hogs 
A Paddling of Ducks 
A Siege of Herons 
A Trip of Goats 
A Charm of Finches 
A Cete of Badgers 
A Deceit of Lapwings 
A Shoal of Bass 
An Exaldation of Larks 
A Drove of Cattle 
A Singular of Boars 
A Tidings of Magpies 
A Gaggle of Geese 
A Congregation of Plovers 
A Hust of Hares 
An Unkindness of Ravens 
A Labor of Moles 
A Richness of Martens 
A Cast of Hawks 
A Knot of Toads 
A descent of Woodpeckers 
A Sounder of Swine 
A Mustoring of Storks 
A Clutch of Eggs 
A Bouquet of Pheasants 
An Army of Caterpillars 
A Hover of Trout 
A Flight of Swallows 
A Troup of Kangaroos 
A Clowder of Cats 
A Watch of Nightingales 
A Barren of Mules 
A Shrewdness of Apes 
A Rag of Colts 
A Murmuration of Starlings 
A Building of Rooks 
A Smack of Jellyfish 
A Harras of Horses 
A Parliament of Owls 
A Route of Wolves 
A Host of Sparrows 
An Ostentation of Peapocks
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